Thursday, September 03, 2009

This beggars belief. Of COURSE the machine tie MUST BE SCRAPPED. It's staying in place in any form is not even arguable. These pubcos are in such utter denial of the gravity of what they have done that they can't see the wood for the trees. They were SUPPOSED to remove the machine tie after 2004 TISC.

They approached the 2008 BEC inquiry with numbskull platitudes like "we look forward to the opportunity to illustrate to the inquiry just how far we have come since 2004"; THEN at the inquiry, they proved they had DONE NOTHING since 2004, except perhaps turning the screws even tighter; then, when the inquiry published its excoriating criticism of pubcos' behaviour they responded with 'it's the findings of a kangaroo court' and 'if it were not for parliamentary privilege we would be consulting lawyers about libel'.

The reality is these pubcos are SO greedy, SO used to getting EVERYTHING their own way; SO intellectually and practically lazy because they've NEVER had to work to make their lucre, that they are INCAPABLE of reading the tealeaves and CANNOT simply come out and do it: BIN THE MACHINE TIE.

NO no no. Nothing like that. No. Instead it's: "A Punch spokesperson said: "We made this change in good faith, as a further example of our commitment to evolve our leased business model.”

"IN GOOD FAITH" ??? To whom? BEC? The tenants' who've had the short torn off their backs? "EXAMPLE OF OUR COMMITMENT TO EVOLVE OUR LEASED blah blah..." HUH? This is the ONLY model they've got. They don't know what to do with it when the wheels get stuck in mud. Now they're clutching at straws pretending to know how to steer it when it's come off the model railway's rails.

Who DO they think they are kidding? As far as the pubcos are concerned The Emperor's New Clothes are still firmly stitched to their backs but the watching crowd's seeing they're threadbare.

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