Thursday, September 03, 2009

Enterprise Inns to hold open day

I'd suggest going along with a genuine interest and asking the kind of astute questions anyone with an amount of property business experience ought to be asking.

Questions about sharing responsibility, support, partnership, working together:

"Enterprise Inns has great pub business opportunities across England and Wales and right now we have some superb opportunities in your area.

"What we need now is the right retailer TO WORK WITH US and make the properties realise their true potential."

I'd be looking for detailed endorsements of the working situation from existing customers of Enterprise. And for detailed examples of how the business relationship functionally operates as two entities working TOGETHER.

Stuff like that. What return on capital can be expected. Specifically what sort of prices will be charged for products. What range of local ales would be available and at what mark up over direct from local brewer is Enterprise charging?

What state do Enterprise expect the fabric of a building to be in before signing off a fully repairing insuring lease? Electrical/gas/water/drainage/roof inspections and certificiates. Basically asking how each side is exposed to risk and what measures do Enterprise take to help mitigate the risk for both parties?

And so on.

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