Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pub managers health suffering over long hours

People who support the 'tied model' are either completely, genuinely misinformed and utterly ignorant or just deliberately, wilfully and irresponsibly ignoring very uncomfortable facts about the realities it forces on lessees.

The CEOs of the corporations know, it is absolutely clear, that their contracts force thousands of people into penury AND to work way outside the expectations of any civilised framework let alone coming anywhere near meeting the stringent and legally binding limits the European Working Time Directive places on all employers. The CEOs are not responsible for the hours which their tenants work. Their tenants are entrepreneurs, attracted by the 'lifestyle' of running a pub business, as Anne says.

If there were any proper justice here the realities of cause and effect would be legally enforceable and the CEOs of pirate pubco companies would be facing the prospects of major punitive fines and possible long term jail sentences for their part in forcing such conditions on hard working people.

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