Monday, August 31, 2009

JFL: pubcos have failed miserably

Ed for a start why SHOULD Fair Pint admit anything other than what it set out to achieve - the end of the tie? These 'weekend commentators' as you put it are largely one person who is evidently not balanced in any way other than on his own very strange scales. NO ONE in fair Pint even knows who he is. He's got a bee in his weird bonnet that is of his own making.

Second, there's nothing to disclose. I've said this before and before again and again only to be accused of lying by Chris Roberts aka a dozen other aliases. The £900 or so that was raised through donations via the Save the Great British Pub Campaign all went to Inez Ward. The bulk of that came from a few people who donated between £25 and £100 each the balance came from a lot of people who sent in more or less the price of a pint - £3 to £5. That is ALL that was raised.

ALL Fair Pint's other income has been donated by its members. There is NO issue about what has been done with this money. It's been donated on a needs be basis and is used to pay the modest bills of running an effective campaign.

Why on earth aren't you asking the one person who's got it inferus what qualifies him to defame, invent, lie and libel the people who set up Fair Pint? He's unhinged and unbalanced. Can't you see that from the ludicrous hysteria he posts?

Personally I came into this arena to help make changes, not to be told in public that I am a cheat, liar, thief and adulterer who cannot run a business etc etc. I'm a publican lessee. I take my kids to school and pick them up three days a week. My partner is a teacher. We share our responsibilites and do a lot for our local community - through my business and as people who are active in our very underprivileged part of London. I know what I am doing, it's very pedestrian and boring and there's nothing underhand or nefarious about it.

My business isn't perfect but it's A LOT better than most pubs. The stuff Roberts has been posting about my business is selective and suits his perverse agenda... It's not going to stop me working to end the tie and make a better, fairer business environment for all people who run pubs in Britain. If you're in London sometime come and visit. You will see how crazy all this nonesense is.

Finally. How can you take ANY of the ridiculous diatribe this person posts seriously? It surely can only be on the adage 'there's no smoke without fire'. The point is, and it's very dull, there is absolutley NOTHING to hide, nothing to answer other than to say that this man has got it all wrong. And that is HIS problem not mine or anyone else who's involved with Fair Pint.

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