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GMB: BII washing hands of Punch dispute
Steve Norton 22/08/2009 23:15:38

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GMB: BII washing hands of Punch dispute

but I think Buddha probably knew how to spell the word belIEve. ( well corrected Columbo )

To answer some of the brickbats flying around , yes I think a class action has always been the way forward. From memory it was first mooted by the only member of Fair Pint with the intelligence to recognise the value of it back in December 2007. I don't see him around any more. Naturally those of the steering committee more interested in elevating their own personal status decided to go down the endless photo-call route whilst boring everyone to death. Had the class action been instigated at the time, my guesstimate is that around 2000 licensees could have been saved so any suggestion that Fair Pint have acted and are acting in the best interests of tied licensees is plainly laughable.

Someone commented that I am anti Fair Pint, not necessarily true. I am anti any organisation just out for themselves as demonstrated by my previous few sentences. Someone also mentioned ( paraphrasing) that I persecute Mark Dodds. I know a nutter when I see one but other than that I don't know the bloke from Adam. No reason why I should, I don't venture into the shallow end of the gene pool.

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Steve Norton 22/08/2009 23:08:28

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GMB: BII washing hands of Punch dispute

Thank you Gilbert for this incisive gem. "Repetiton is the mother of expertise, but when you repeat the same wrong thing and get the same result then that is insanity" I quote you solely for the benefit of Mark Dodds.

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Gilbert Bank 23/08/2009 09:44:08

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GMB: BII washing hands of Punch dispute

Steve, or whoever, whats really funny is you can change your nom de plume but you can't change your train of thought. You are as transparent as Katie Price's wedding vows. Take the pins out of your JM Dodds doll, take the head of the doll out of the noose. Open a drawer, put the doll, rope and pins inside the drawer and gently close it. There. Better already. Next weekend we'll check out the cross dressing/trans gender issues.

P S Y C H O T I C T O C T I C T O C T I C T O C.

You should be doing something constructive with all the energy all that Burning envy gives you.

Don't you get tired of inventing new identities 'Steve'? Don't you feel even a little bit odd always having to pretend you're someone else? Ever paused to consider why each one of your serial identities gets successively blocked from forums by admins?

Ever really given a moment's thought to wonder what your fragmented, mysterious, only ever alluded to contribution actually brings to the table? Where have you been influencing anything other than offending people here with your trolling?

Don't get mad. Get medicated.
@MFB: thanks, your observation and advice is appreciated. If my responses to ONE person, and I stress it's ONE person with a bizarrely impenetrable agenda, put you off supporting Fair Pint in any way then I am sorry.

The problem is it's seemingly ok for a single anonymous vitriolic poster to invent and publish all kinds of scurrilous charges against Fair Pint and deliberately throw spanners into threads for the fun of it. Some time ago I vowed not to engage in any way on fora with Chris Roberts. Now I am sure from his language this 'Steve Norton' is Chris Roberts. Over a year ago this man was supportive of Fair Pint and was encouraged to get involved with the campaign right at the start. He didn't. Since then he's made it his business to accuse anyone standing up to pubcos of being stupid incapable lessees who deserve to lose everything, of being disingenuous, of having hidden agendas for self aggrandizement or personal financial gain. While the truth is that all those people he is so scathing of are just the opposite of what he suggests. They have exceptional personal integrity and high standards and care enough, from their core, about the abuses they have experienced - which they don't want other people to experience - that they work tirelessly to help make a better competitive environment for everyone.

So, please understand my consternation and intolerance with this particular poster. It seems likely also that Sam Bailey might be one of Chris Robert's aliases - because for SURE the person purporting to be SB here is not the Sam Bailey 'she' says she is from the Bristol facebook network
Nutter, as usual you divert ( no very skillfully ) away from the core issue of what the f**k have Fairpint actually DONE for even one licensee? Correct answer is nothing.

As to your "exceptional personal integrity" , as this forum is witness to and the history of it is still in the logs, you STOLE money from one donation fund in order to support a 'pet project' , probably in the hope of getting laid. You sad little man.

For everyone elses' benefit, I loathe the pubcos with a passion but I loathe self serving duplicitous crooks even more. Period.

Thanks Chris Roberts I rest my case. Can almost see those eyes and arteries popping out of your head.
Apologies dear balanced posters for this mess. I just checked personal messages and found three, all from Steve Norton, I mean Chris Roberts, Quote:

1) "is that so" "No Mark its you who are pathetic and the most craven rabble rouser it has ever been my misfortune to come across. If you had balls the pub companies might even take you seriously instead of laughing at you."

2) ":)" "Yes you lying thieving piece of SHIT, I'm still here......... and always will be until you get what's rightfully coming to you. In the meantime, have fun ... nutter."

3) "Lol" Your story and the truth of you is posted wankstain. :) Enjoy having your tongue up Harrison's arse ( or could that be vice versa? ) Bye for now nutter."

A small insight into the vision of a measured, balanced person who cares so much about abuses carried out by pubcos through the tie that he apparently has done more for individual lessees by being a McKenzie Friend than Fair Pint, JFL, FLVA and so on, all put together.

Now I know Chris Roberts is posing as Steve Norton I won't engage any more and unless I find that Sam Bailey is not Chris Roberts I will not respond to 'her' either.

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