Monday, August 03, 2009

Cobra Beer's creditors owed £71m

A catalogue of stupidity and nonesense. It's been blindingly obvious for at least three years, even from a casual roadside observer's point of view, that Cobra was on the way out in a big way. How the suits can just plough on amassing more and more debt while piddling around trying to save a brand from catastrophe that simply was not working is beyond the wit of ordinary people.

Cobra should have kept it modest and appropriate to the level of awareness it had associated with Indian food. Maybe it was losing money then as well in which case the whole brand was just a massive conceit from the start, driven by egos and unrealistic hopes of fortune and riches being built out of a bottle of beer rising to the top of a wildly competitive market dominated by existing giga brewers and distributors.

I'd love to know what kind of hoops the Cobra dudes had to jump through to get their brand onto tied pubco pricelists.

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