Monday, July 13, 2009

Pernod strips Absolut bare

Stretching credibility with this position aren't they?

Anyone noticed how much Absolut's bottle price has dropped relative to other brands in the last five years? The fact is that the marketing of Absolut lost its way some time ago and this is the new brand manager's attempt at taking it back where it left off but this time without frills.

Absolut revolutionised vodka marketing when Simon, 'from Crook, County Durham', Turnbull was the brand manager. Absolut virtually invented the notion of a 'premium' brand. Absolut singlehandedly stimulated a radical rethink of what brands can do in the drinks business and kick started a mass of activity bringing new vodkas into the market and a dust off and brush up of long standing products whose identity had never been particularly high profile. The success spilled into all other drinks and significantly contrbuted to where the brands market is now.

Far from being an attempt to stimulate cerebral discourse about prejudice this REALLY is a straight down the line logical progression from Absolut's previous brand life as a product dressed up in yellow petals and all sorts of other esoteric presentations in the past - and pointing out that it is, after all, a good quality vodka. I've always preferred Polish and Russian spirits myself.

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