Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marston's innovates in the tenanted divison

A simple system of pub rents being calculated along lines established for other retail units with no reference to projected turnover or volume of products sold or factual, or invented, profitability would be fine.

The market would stabilise itself pretty quickly; pubcos would be property companies and not have to pretend to have an interest in beer; publicans would operate their businesses according to conventional entrepreneurial methods without constant interference by the freeholder, buy their products at the best price and reinvest profit in their business.

Is that too complicated?

The typically unimaginitive, inappropriate and Hackneyed pubco monikers for Marston's 'innovative' tenancy packages are redolent of every move pubcos try to make when wanting to get 'with it' and be funky and modern:

PHOENIX, a mythical bird which immolates itself following 500 years to be reborn a better creature having learned from its past life or:

APOLLO, the most important and complicated of the gods, representing the sun, light, truth and prophesy.

Both a tacit admission acknowledging past wrong doings eh?

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