Friday, July 31, 2009

Group seeks to measure pub community value

One pubco pub I was thinking of along these lines, in rural Northumberland, had five tenants in as many years was boarded up for several months until obections from the villagers got the boards taken down. Now it has been let on TWA and reopened no investment. The place needs substantial refurbishment - which no FRI leaseholder has been able to afford in decades. This is a pub that has never been recorded as offially 'closed' - ever. No, in pubco speak this is a live pub, a rural pub, a pub which continues to trade - a pub which has not closed its doors.

This is one of thousands of pubs in rural and built up areas which has never officially closed but which have failed many times as businesses.

None are recorded anywhere publicly as statistics for deniers of reality like 'Edward Compton' to be used as true examples of low business failure rates in the tied pub sector.

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