Friday, July 10, 2009

'Disappointing' turn-out for mandatory code show

Disappointing turn out? BBPA representatives, or 'trade chiefs' apparently, are incapable of uttering anything about the industry they preside over without putting a big foot in their mouth.

While sharing his concern at the lack of representation from retailers I wonder just WHO does Le Clercq expect should have been there?

Who was invited to the meetings and how was the information about them put out? Were licensees invited individually? Were they sent rsvp's? Were they told enough in advance? Individual licensees? Or were all the active representative trade bodies invited? Anyhow what would any individual licensee expect to achieve or gain by attending such meetings? - Influencing policy? Affecting the outcome?

What Le Clercq's concern basically highlights is the glaringly obvious, perennially empty seat in the room of the pub industry - there is NO ONE who represents the views of individual licensees.

And THAT is why the industry is in the sorry state that it's in now.

Heads should be rolling.

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