Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camra savages pubcos

Edward, Inez ( DOES get it whereas YOU, quite clearly from the content of your posts, do not. Inez has been at the sharp end of discussions on this industry for a couple of years and evidently understands it very well.

The Nielsen data you quote as if it were a bible (and whoever said any bible is an accurate source of anything?) is not a tool designed to uncover distortion in the market. It is a passive snapshot of retail pricing, a blunt instrument.

Wholesale pricing in the beer market has been perverted, from top to bottom, by pubco interference through the tie. There is no doubt that retail prices in the whole market for beer - even that of supermarkets - is influenced by the way pubcos have manipulated the tie to extract huge unjustified profits for themselves at the expense of every other aspect of the entire supply chain.

If there were no tie beer would be cheaper and there would be a more equitable distribution of profit across the whole and everyone, not just the consumer, would be beneficiaries.

Have you tried to get an audience with government Ministers Edward? Anyone taking YOUR narrow point of view seriously? No? What a surprise.

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