Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brulines - Trust and Transparency

Maybe he was testing the abv or something. Or even the authenticity of the beer in the keg.

I'm very thin on information about this but Trading Standards did some tests on spirits in my pub and did exactly that. I can't remember exactly what the guy told me but apparently he was able to tell whether Gordon's gin - or whatever he was testing - was really Gordon's by the colour the liquid went. I seem to recall thinking it was a bit like a litmus paper test for acidity. He tried to explain how it worked that Diageo or whoever were adding something to their spirits as an identifying marker. This struck me as maybe being a bit dodgy on the palate but whatever I was mesmerised by the possibility that I might be about to be accused of substituting cheaper spirits for brands (I'm not tied for spirits) to increase my margins. Fortunately the tests all proved that I am an honest, upstanding, decent and forthright publican.

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