Saturday, July 25, 2009

BBPA: new probe is a "distraction"

Get with it Edward... BBPA has been SO effective at influencing the outcome of licensing reform, the smoking ban and the duty escalator that its chief executive resigned. That's true influence among leading politicians and journalists.

The only reason BBPA has any recognition at all is that it's been the only body with any funds and staff to do anything to represent this industryt. And then all they have ever done is tell the government and journalists exactly what the pubcos and their poodle brewers want them to.

BBPA is last decade's news. They never talk straight and, as long as it's the interests of their membership and not the consumer or individual licensees, they never get it right.

Only the BBPA, oh, and Ted Tuppen, could have the brass neck to say it is 'not concerned' about a detailed inquiry into its paymasters' affairs. BBPA was not concerned about BEC. When IS BBPA going to be concerned about anything - when their funding is cut and its staff are all out of jobs. Go ask Ros Shiel about Beautiful Beer. It's still on their website, a shadow of its former self. Whoever made the descision to cut that part of their revenue budget was really on the ball. Just like their pubco bosses BBPA could not organise a pissup in a brewery.

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