Monday, June 01, 2009

UK remains near top of EU beer tax league

Unbelievable but utterly predictable rhetoric from the propubco posting Anti Fair Pint campaign. Fair Pint detractors here are totally missing Fair Pint's entire raison d'etre. Fair Pint is FOR the whole trade, FOR bringing the trade together, For individual licensees, FOR free trade and fair competition which takes into account an accurate understanding of the tensions and placed on the trade by duty and its wider implications.

There is nothing naive at all about the position posited by Karl Harrison; please forgive the peepee. Duty is charged at source. WE do not collect the tax and send it to the exchequer; the PRODUCERS do, albeit via us and albeit that we have to take revenue out of our income from the consumer to pass on down the line to the producer who in turn pays it to the government.

Producers CAN choose to absorb or pass this on; if duty is decreased, producers can CHOOSE to absorb the decrease and profit by it or pass it on. Fair Pint wanted assurances that a duty decrease WOULD be passed on up the chain. Assurances were hardly forthcoming.

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