Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PM may refer pubco probe to OFT

George, WE have no reason, really, to believe that Graham has any reason to tell porkies or that the jovial rose cheeked fine landlords he knows up and down the breadth of this fair isle should be fibbing to Graham either; so, perhaps Graham would furnish us with detail of how much these 'flash Jag' owning purveyors of fine traditional English hostelry, fayre and banter charge retail for their fully tied beer; spirits; food and wine; what sort of GP they achieve and what their wages bill and rent are as a percentage of turnover.

That could all be done without infringing any confidentiality and might help us learn how to make pennies turn into pahnds.

Graham will prbably put the plight of all the people who admit trading difficulties down to the situation where he knows all these 'fine' landlords as opposed to 'those who just ain't got it'.

It strikes me that in the Allman Book of Bright Futures business success or failure has little to do with basic math or economics and everything to do with an upbeat attitude and smiles all round, no matter how much the business is being gravy trained by the pubco there will always be enough butter for everyone on both sides of the bread.

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