Sunday, June 14, 2009


This whole self obsessed self generated thread really shows how really unstable the multiple identity Troll of Troll Hill is. It's a tragedy (cue BeeGees).

If it were not so extreme that it is surreal, I'd be sincerely worried about the underlying motives of this person, rather than being only concerned for their wellbeing. I cannot imagine what stress they've been through that has made them so damaged as to be compelled to abuse othere so roundly and angrily over matters that are based in completely self generated Chinese whispers.

That level of rage and diatribe toward people who have no idea even who it is that's popping their pistachios is, very simply, clinically psychotic.

To reassure readers, just in case there's any suggestion of there being no smoke without fire as far as serially anonymous poster is concerned, in this case there hasn't even been fire to begin with except, of course, those flames he's been fanning from the sparks of his own imagination.

The anonymous poster who likes to serially denigrate people who are up front and honest - to the extent that finding where they are and walking into their pub is very easy - on these forums about their business and personal experiences has invented all the scenarios out of tidbits of publicly available information stirred up with their own assumptions of impropriety.

It is very clear that this person has a serious, escalating mental problem.

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