Sunday, June 28, 2009

It’s time to change not churn

Excellent discussion on this thread.

Phil. Such deeply offensive recommendations from your pubco area 'team' leave me all but speechless. These suggestions alone, without any reflection on the pubco's responsibility, are a serious indictment of the whole pubco model. It is shocking that employees of any company operating in the 21st century could, for a minute, even think of uttering such 'expert' advice to lessees let alone have it fed to them during customer service training as company policy. This is evidence that the ethical rot in pubcos begins as a strategy at the very top in the boardroom and riddles the whole stinking edifice through to the bottom.

Also, this is the sort of thing that people like Phil Dixon appear not to recognise/know/understand that goes on daily across these massive pubco estates. Lessees are expected, as a matter of course, to listen to and implement such intolerable crap, doled out by ignorant people who do not know the first thing about 'operating' a business of any description.

It's baffling but the ONLY way things got so far in this industry without being exposed before is due, at worst, to tacit support given to pubco activities by the likes of industry satellites such as BII or, at best through their turning a blind eye to it all. It's OUTRAGEOUS!

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