Monday, June 29, 2009

GMB protest against eviction of Enterprise licensee

From the bottom:

Licensee it was a really instructive and informative meeting wasn’t it?

Brian clarke, cragie, Shamus, mary, J.S, tilly – GMB have long experience and consequent skills of dealing effectively with employers wjho exploit their workers and this situation is no different in principle. G.M.B. exists to support its members whether employees or employers, they promote fairness and equitability wherever it does not exist and where they can make an impact.

GMB has over 610,000 members and already represents MANY sole traders and self employed employers who run small business, including publicans. As was made clear at the meeting, the issue lessees are dealing with are instinsically similar to many other situations where individuals find themselves exploited by employers or, in the case of sole traders, sometimes by large suppliers or customers who may not deliver or pay on time because their business needs are not in direct alignment with the individuals they have a relationship with. Gangmasters fall into this category and pubcos behave like gangmasters toward their lessees.

Delerious your analogy with mining is utterly off mark and the situation was, in fact, touched on at the meeting. If YOU had been there you would not be better informed and posting superfluous ill informed opinion now.

Steve W: IN case you haven;t been around for fifiteen years or so re above point. It is PRECISELY because THERE IS NO ONE to adequately represent thousands of individual lessees who are all self-employed business people that a relationship with a union is very useful immediately and will help shift the status quo to a position of greater fairness and transparency in whole pub the industry. And Greybeard, you are right but it is stubbornness no ignore the great opportunity for practical support, which is completely unavailable and unaffordable to the average lessee, that a membership fee of £2.50 a week provides all individuals who join GMB.

Aha Delerious. You’re ‘not playing devil’s advocate’ at all you are making it up as you go along. ‘The MAJORITY of the licensed trade…don't have a problem and are optimistic about the future”. Oh Yeah? Not what I hear all the time. Where do you get your information from? I’ve not seen it published anywhere other than in your own posts. Please point everyone else in the right direction.

Licensee – the Fair Pint steering group members at the meeting were Steve Corbett, Simon Clarke and Mark Dodds. Info man and others also travelled long distances to be there. More than 140 people in total were counted. Chris, the lessee of the pub where the meeting was held must be congratulated for his generosity in providing excellent food and refreshments and an at cost, subsidised bar.

Crossoldguy your due respect is probably not needed in this instance as CM’s response shows. Can anyone recall either of these posters applauding anyone except themselves?

Colin Matlock, there you are again spouting off accusations as if you have some in depth knowledge of the proceedings against individuals like David and Anne Marie Ball and their business partner Wayne when in fact you know nothing more than what you have read in the press.

Helen. The T shirt Chris D Roberts. Oops. Colin Matlock wears is of the coarse hair variety which itches and irritates and never gets taken off. Which horses he’s backing after reading all the form for so long (and he uses the analogy quite deliberately) he’s keeping close to that horse hair t shirt and telling no one about.

Jim. As you sense, GMB are highly professional and very good at what they do. £2.50 a week is unbelievably good value for what is accessed in return.

ken nason –as always Ken, hats off to you for saying it like it is and with a twist of humour.

J Mark Dodds

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