Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enterprise hosts lose pub in court battle

I'd assume from what the solicitor said at the meeting last night that the issue of the fine element WAS brought up today. The presiding judge/magistrate may well have taken the view that the case NEEDS to be appealed to bring such issues into more detailed scrutiny. 42 days is a long time in such cisrcumstances. With some weight from GMB behind the case it is possible that some further time might be gained to take it further.

Unfortunately as long as the intransigent pubco refuses to look at a more realistic rent the pub will remain unviable. The typical outcome of this kind of situation is that the pub, once the lessees are evicted, will shut for a period and then reopen on a massively reduced rent with barrelage discounts and manage to trade more more successfully.

It is VERY disappointing to see some fool reporting posts so freely simply to remove discussion from this forum.

Whoever you are ought to be ashamed of yourself for being so juvenile in a very serious situation. If you are not grown up enough to cope with open debate keep out of it instead of throwing your dummies out of your broken pram.

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