Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Camra will force OFT probe of beer tie

This will be a huge shame if it gets in front of and stops a Competition Commission investigation. CAMRA is in utter denial about the effects of the tie and the pernicious influence of the pubcos in the marketplace and is making a mistake - unless they know something about OFT that no-one else knows - like OFT will actually OPEN IT'S EYES for once if CAMRA forces a super complaint... Maybe OFT has been taking muscle enhancement pills and lots of omega 3 fatty acids for its brain.

But that's unlikely isn't it? OFT goes all soft and girly when it comes to pubcos. That's why pubcos want to go to OFT and not Competition commission. They'll get a whupping in front of CC and a feather boa from OFT.

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