Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amend smoking ban, save pubs — says new campaign

Kevin. Agreed. Quite seriously the pubcos must shoulder much of the blame for the current situation, along the same lines that parents are blamed for mis-behaviour of their children.

Because of the way pubcos 'manage' their business, i.e. devolving ALL operational issues to the tenant they therfore abrogate themselves of any responsibility toward micro managing any and all aspects of their estates. This allows pubcos in clear conscience to blame the tenant when anything and everything goes wrong, including the aftermath of the smoking ban.

It's the crux of what is wrong with the pub industry as a whole, why there is no One plausible representative voice that speaks for the whole with the necessary authority to be taken seriously by government - even in wide ranging consultation over bringing in major legislation that will inevitably bear heavily on pubs is proposed.

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