Friday, June 19, 2009

Adam Withrington: Bickering while Rome burns...

@Colin Matlock. No change there then. You're doing exactly the same as usual. Defence by attack. You have no argument, you have NO authority. YOU are self appointed. YOU are exactly what you accuse Fair Pint of; except every member of Fair Pint is accessible and known as is Fair Pint's Campigning position. YOU are completely anonymous. Who are you?

Who raised these suspicions? Why, it was you Colin Matlock, 'delerious', Chris Roberts and various other 'participants' who are deliberately anonymous and whose accusations are spurious, identical and fanciful.

State your true credentials - it is my view that you don't have any, why would you choose to criticise others anonymously if you had any credible standing? - instead of bragging about being a 'McKenzie Friend' while saying Fair Pint has done nothing for anyone, tell people who you are, give facts about what you contribute to the pub industry and you might garner some credibility.

Your position that Fair Pint has to openly declare all sorts of private information is nonesense. While I appreciate possible concern about suspicions raised by YOU, 'Colin Matlock' et al (I have no no idea who on earth you are, does anyone else?) there is no obligation at all for Fair Pint to disclose anything to anyone outside of Fair Pint. This is hardly controversial, it's normal behaviour.

Bottom line Fair Pint is much more transparent and open than you are; our actions are public and the Campaign's position is stated clearly on the website.

Keep firing away from the sidelines.

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