Friday, May 08, 2009

Shepherd Neame buys 13 pubs from Punch
Shaun Haigh's post has been removed but from recollection of its content I cannot see why.

He asked how come some licensees post here during trading hours? Many pub businesses open for more than 90 hours a week. Shaun's remark suggests he thinks lessees should be unavailable for comment on online forums during business hours because they ought to be on the floor attending to punters. That's apart from all the other work that has to be done out of trading hours. Doesn't really stack up does it Shaun? Even licensees need time off.

Shaun also asked how many tied pubs are closed, closing, doing well or are basket cases... hope this quote from one of David Morgan's consistently ezxcellent postings goes some way to answer his question:

"In the written evidence that I gave to the BEC last November,I reckoned that there were a good 30% of the supply tied leased pub market (26000/30%) say 7600 that were doing rather well despite the economic downturn etc,etc.Steve Haslam is no doubt in that 30% and all the more power to his elbow,hoping of course that his success is not used to clobber him on his next rent review. My point is that it leaves 70%,say 18200 supply tied leased pubs,that are either struggling to break even or living off their savings.Sure,the current recession was not forseen by any of us, but survival is a pill to be swallowed by both "partners".Squeezing the pips'till they bleed is not a way to ensure the survival of the core of the industry,which is people dependent.Excellent Licensees are leaving the industry in droves and the Propcos know it !!"

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