Monday, May 18, 2009

PPL revenues up 11% after rigorous approach

This angers me almost as much as I appear to anger S Roberts, whoever that is. PPL's increase in revenue is due to their using bullying tactics only. They have no reason for existence really. No one believes in their right to claim fees from bars, restaurants and clubs for promoting and advertising (for free) music from across the entire world which punters then go out and buy...

On the other hand you could broadcast Melody or Heart all day in and all night out and not get charged a penny.

OOPS! Entirely missed the bit about reviewing broadcasts and thinking of charging when they are used as background music in public spaces. This just shows what a bunch of dinosaurs / reptiles they really are.

The attitude that 'we make loads a money' - you know - bars restaurants and pubs etc - out of playing background music is reprehensible. We BUY the music in the first instance, often PAY others to play it for us and then we have to PAY for the right to play it to customers, many of whom say: "who's this playing now?" and we tell them and they go and buy it.

So WE do the recording industry a massive favour and then get kicked in the gonads for investing in and promoting it.

It's a very bad taste JOKE.

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