Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jeremy Blood quits as Heineken UK boss

Good to see Jezza moving along. It's about time. When MD of S&NPE he could never be bothered to deal with licensees directly. Any inquiries coming his way about the behaviour of his employees was passed back down to his employees at regional level who could then have a field day bullying the licensee knowing there was an implcit sanction at board level:

Quote from regional director after Jeremy shoved the problem back to the people who were the problem in the first place: "Don't you ever do that kind of thing again because it makes my team look bad"

I have meeting notes, correspondence and witnesses to confirm this by the way.

Jeremy also passed an inquiry from Harriet Harman (my local MP) about my circumstances on to regional level. Would not reply directly himself. That went down well.

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