Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thanks Dean - I did a degree in photography but worked in restaurants all through and decided I wanted a career in catering. We can all make mistakes... No just joking. This is the best trade around. There's another couple of thousand pics I took on The Sun and Doves' flickr stream as well: Clearly shows that I run a less than averagely competent operation.

I notice the 'phantom reporter' has been at work again... Still, no matter, I'll just put the post back again in my typical, self publicising way:

For those of you who like to think that all tied publicans who moan about the conditions they suffer at the hands of pubcos being people who should concentrate on their business instead of harping on about why they don't make enough money here's a bit of light relief. See my rubbishly run and dreadfully run down, neglected but strangely multi award winning pub here:

14 minutes and 40 seconds into the programme.

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