Friday, May 01, 2009

@info man. To continue your train of advice:

1) Set aside the entire contingency fund in your business plan for dealing with the above points.
2) Find and retain a legal firm with tied pub industry experience who is unbiased, creative and who takes a strong stand on your side.
3) On recording the state of the building, commission an independent surveyor to produce a detailed 'Schedule of Condition' of everything from cellar to ridge line, supported with the photographic evidence as above.
4) Try always to have a witness at meetings with the freeholder's agents. Take detailed notes, or record your meetings, be open about this, type the notes up and send copy to freeholder's agent for them to sign off as being a fair record of your meeting.
5) On recording conversations. Start with a large hard - backed 'day to page' diary used especially for correspondence with your freeholder - every meeting should be noted and recorded here with additional pages inserted if necessary. Make telephone notes of EVERY conversation, or attempt at a conversation, with the pubco. Be careful to note the time and content of all messages you leave and the response times and content. Everything - reporting cellar services work, calls about new products. Everything. Keep it comprehensive you will likely need this record to support your position in future. And if it turns out you don't need it; you'll have a fantastic journal to browse through with your grandchildren when you're retired.
6) Employ a full time secretary.

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