Wednesday, May 06, 2009

120 MPs to attend Fair Pint lobby day

@Lucy Cavendish: With respect it's very clear that you have no idea how a Lobby Day is organised. It's nothing like you describe so that is a nice bit of spin on your part.

The Lobby Day is a unique opportunity for constituents from all over the country to meet their MPs face to face on Parliamentary turf and bring their important message right into the seat of government.

That so many MPs have confirmed they will be accepting the invitation to the Lobby day is extraordinary and shows just how far the truth about the tied pub trade is getting out.

As for the discussion further above making comparisons between tied pubs and franchises; well, such comparisons are so far off the mark that it's barely worth respondng to. However, if you want better quality information readers could read an excellent article by someone who KNOWS what he's talking about; Mike Smith, a tied licensee also knows a LOT about franchises. This was published a year ago almost to the day:

Read, Mark Well, Inwadly Digest and stop saying the tie is like a franchise. IT IS NOT.

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