Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An invitation straight from "the boobs on the bull": Tied licensees: don't miss your chance to make history by registering your case with your MP via the Fair Pint Lobby Day on Wednesday 20 May. It's Free. All Welcome:

I spent most of today on the phone calling tied lessees. Without exception all were receptive, open and appreciative of the call and supportive of Fair Pint's aims.

What is stunning is how many are absolutely on their uppers; no money at all, no chance of closing their business for a day and coming to London to meet their MP, because of the cost and the loss of income.

ONE free of tie licensee is intending to come on the lobby say because he is the chair of his local licensees forum. He said that he supports the end of the tie for the sake of fairness, while admitting that times are hard for free trade as well. I asked how are the tied licensees on the forum doing, is it a struggle? "They're all finished, either closed or about to close, they haven't got a chance".

This, of course, means nothing because it's just hearsay and the truth is the tie works and pubcos offer a low cost entry into the trade for people wanting a secure income in uncertain times.

Best wishes J Mark Dodds The Fair Pint Lot

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