Friday, March 13, 2009

Well Martin. To be utterly frank the food we do is pretty good and it is good value compared to most places vaugely in competition with us locally - and I KNOW that some customers come here in preference to the local Wetherspoons and pay substantially more than they would there for stuff which written on a menu reads very much like the same thing - but the food here is not as consistent as I'd like it to be and I know my staff could be better trained than they are. BUT the overall experience and ambience we do is better than most.

AS for the £3.50 M&B experience. You're right - each to their own. I'd be happy to try it and hope that it would deliver what I can get in my own place (I get fed up with coming to my own place during work downtime). If it did I'd feel like I'd struck gold and become a regular regular but I doubt that would be my response. Being like cattle in a line waiting for a pile of fodder that's unbelievably CHEAP (I was trained never to say anything other than 'good value' by the way) has appealed but never delivered the experience I aspire to when I forgo eating at home for the luxury of dining out.

I want going out to be at least a little bit special, even if it's at Johnnie's Cafe a bit down the road on Coldharbour Lane (which really is a little bit special and incredibly good value by the way), not a supermarket all you can get in the trolley in three minutes spree for free.

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