Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakdown Talks Help MA 24.3.09

Keep it up Stressed, this is an excellent line to take. Keep it completely open, fair and honest with full disclosure - as the propcos imperiously demand when going into concession discussions - and keep it in the public domain.

You will either prove that pubcos are not what they declare themselves to be or that there is hope that they can change their modus operandi (that last bit, obviously, is a very unfunny joke).

If others can be brave enough to post their experiences here as well, from a range of different propco backgrounds, all proving there is not a fag paper's worth of difference between the behaviour of one pubco and another, that will be useful for the likes of the competition commission and be valuable insight for journalists and bond holders who are beginning to take a serious interest in the underlying realities of the tied pub trade for the first time.

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