Sunday, March 01, 2009

Backing this campaign is adding weight to a juciy big fat red herring.

Nice logo shame about what it really says. Though I fully support any genuine effort designed to get the pub trade to speak as one I cannot sign up to Axe the Tax.

Three MAJOR issues:

1) tax is NOT the main problem, the underlying financial weakness of pubs is.

2) BBPA does NOT represent publicans and licensees, it represents PUBCOS and to a lesser extent brewers - who cowtow to pubcos' buying power...

3) The campaign is precisely meant to focus attention away from the Elephant in the Room - that is the pernicious influence of profiteering pubcos.

Why is the on trade price of beer generally so high? Because pubcos, as wholesalers to a huge captive market of thousands of licensees who cannot legally buy elsewhere, charge their 'customers' at least DOUBLE what they should be for beer. So the retail price at the pump becomes prohibitively expensive for many people.

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