Friday, February 06, 2009

No one at my place works more than forty hours regularly except me and my business partner. WE regularly do over 60 hours each. My pubco asserted that at my pub the average tenant would only need to employ 5 part time bartenders each doing 25 hours a week plus the publican couple working front of house to cover a rota which is 13 - 14 hours a day seven days a week. Basically that's seven people working front of house, five of them part time, instead of the eleven we actually employ, four of them full time. I can't remember the detail of the kitchen rota they came up with but it was equally ridiculously understaffed... to the extent that the hypothetical rota (which was never produced by the pubco) of the hypothetical tenant would, hypothetically, have had whole shifts serving perhaps 60 meals and ancillary refreshments on a hypothetically serve yourself and cook at the bar and do the washing up, cleaning and cashing up basis.

The pubcos hypothetical payroll was 120K a year less than mine - another 60K towards their hypothetical projected profit which then turns in to real rent. There is only one word for people who work out profit and loss projections on this basis and actually are prepared to barefaced stand by their lies and see people be put out of business as a result of the insane rental levels they arrive at and it is certainly not printable here, or most places. IT applies to many pub industry expert surveyors, trained to RICS standards, RICS itself for colluding in the demise of the whole pub industry, arbitrators and independent experts who fall on the side of the pubcos in their surreal and insane beliefs that pubs can forever pump all their profit up to the board room without there ever being consequences on the shop floor or for the consumer and to the associated bodies which have collaborated in the pubco gravy train in not seeing through the lies, deceit and backhanders.

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