Monday, February 16, 2009

"My suggestion is to provide legal representation for any licensee who but for the want of cash has a cast iron case against the pubcos."

Jonathon I'm sure Inez would agree with you too because everything she has done in setting up Justice For Licensees and the Save the Great British Pub Cause is working for the good of the majority rather than for herself.

She is a special case because of the unstinting hard work she has done bringing the plight of lessees to public notice and for her unfailing projection of humanity, grace and heartfelt consideration of other people's position while being under enormous personal pressure in handling her own situation with Enterprise.

Inez' case deserves to be bighlighted because she stood up to adversity way past the point at which many others whould have thrown in the towel and she's still here working for the good of the majority. Everything Inez has gone through is the story of pubcos v tenants writ large.

The popular press need to take this up and the campaign to raise cash to help Inez be the start point of the kind of thing you describe above - time is always short and taking on one cast iron case to set precedent would be valuable but is academic, technical and will take a lot more time and money than is needed to keep Inez going in the short term.

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