Friday, February 20, 2009

MPs flock to save the pub meeting

MA 20.02.09This is quite an achievement John Grogan and Robert Humphries have pulled off.

Robert Humphries labours under the impression that pubcos are a successful embodiment of the franchise concept and that anything awkward happening to pubs is in spite of the robust and fundamental support the munificent pubcos give to their tenants, skipping hand in hand together in partnership though bountiful hop fields in the metaphorical gardens of Britain. Blythely omitting the reality which is that it's ALL to do with pubcos and the anti government rubbish has all been pumped into the cauldron by BBPA and the pink shirt and cufflink brigade he hangs out with at lunch and dinner - the ones who have never unloaded a dray, poured a pint or paid a pubco rent biill in their lives...

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