Friday, February 20, 2009

It's simple. You are a coward and arrogant with it.

I read your posting. It was well written. In the context I was surprised that you chose to say you did it 'in the interests of a balanced argument'. What kind of world do you live in? Rarely have I read such self preening nonsense. In the context there's nothing BALANCED about what you did, ANONYMOUSLY. How dare you do that! If you were a food and drink reviewer it was an extremely damning review. But you aren't a food and drink reviewer. You went into Mavericks on one context and what you saw didn't impress you so you didn't introduce yourself, you came away, deliberated on it and then posted here because quite clearly you are missing something fundamental. You've been in the business 20 years? You've won awards? You wouldn't dare charge the prices some of the pubs down there charge back in your Midlands home? Some of them are even more expensive than in London? Motorway service stations serving inedible gunk are more expensive than my pub mate and I'm in London.

The way you wrote it is offensive and it should not be reposted on this forum... This is not censorship I'm advocating just common decency and good taste. I can't put my finger on it. I haven't been to Inez' pub but I know three people who have, they are all people whose businesses' (pubs) I admire and none of their view of her pub concurs with yours. So I can't comment directly on that. BUT in the context I reckon your posting was SHAMEFUL and I disagree absolutely that you have the prerogative to post that sort of thing anonymously.

Come back, stand up, post as yourself and be accountable for your mean spirited attitude. If you had had the nerve to post as yourself you might have thought more about what you said and given a more considered, balanced assessment of what you experienced.

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