Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Intro to 145,000 people on Inez Ward''s Save The Great British Pubs Cause on facebook

Hello to all you marvellous people who are making 'Save The Great British Pub' Cause have such a phenomenal growth rate! First let me remind you, if you haven’t already, to invite ALL your friends and contacts to join this cause, which affects most people in Britain one way or another. It'll take half an hour, you'll get RSI but YOU know YOU'RE WORTH IT!

I'm Mark, one of people who set up the Fair Pint Campaign Inez and I met in May last year when we launched Fair Pint at the Houses of Parliament.

Inez has not been well, she's under a lot of pressure working all hours in her pub and working all the other hours she has into the wee small hours standing up for other people through Justice For Licensees and this Cause, and facing up to the enormous property company who owns her pub, Enterprise Inns, more of which later.

I'll be taking some of the weight off Inez' shoulders and helping spread the word about the calamity of what's happening to the British pub industry RIGHT NOW.

This cause is designed to help support, bring together, and build the strength of pub licensees against the corporate might and power of huge property owning pub freeholders who've had it ALL their way - over the thousands of fantastic people who pull the pints and pay the rent - FOR FAR TOO LONG!

So, hello, thanks for joining the Cause, thanks for caring about pubs and please" INVITE INVITE INVITE - as many people as you can - make it a Quarter OF A Million members by the beginning of March!



J Mark Dodds

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