Wednesday, February 04, 2009

After remarks made by Simon Townsend in select committee hearing 9.12.08
"Our regional managers are available to discuss individual licensees’ concerns at any time — that is after all their job — and provide all manner of support, including financial assistance if they deem it appropriate," said Townsend.

"I would be very disappointed, therefore, if it transpired that any Enterprise licensees had opted to join this demonstration without first having pursued every conceivable avenue of dialogue with their regional manager"

Blatant bluster and baloney blabbed before the beaks by a boy barely believing his bacon is about to be boiled for being a big bully.

The pubcos share this feature. They do not have good lines of communication with field staff. They never have. Why should they? Running a pubco is the easiest, most lucrative job in the world. Once the infrastructure is set up - the call numbers to the logistics companies who do the deliveries and so on - no one has to do anything. Except play golf, go to rugger matches. The tenants do it all.

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