Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prospective Enterprise Inns licensees can be matched with investors on the pubco’s new website.

The “pub talent match” lines up the “many talented people who want to run their own pub business and who have the skills and the ambition but may not have the funds available at present” with investors. Interested parties can sign up under talent or entrepreneur registration.

Anyone looking for a pub can click on the “Your Way Inn” logo to find details including barrelage, rent levels and discounts for some pubs.

The website ( ) also offers advice to new licensees in the form of a virtual advisor, Jane, who can answer questions and direct enquiries to the most appropriate part of the webpage.

Russell Wood, head of retail services at Enterprise, said: “We thoroughly researched the design and content of the new site with many user groups and we hope that the site delivers exactly the usability and experience that they were looking for.”

I don't get out much either but by coincidence the pub I go to most often other than my own is an Enterprise Inns pub. WELL. It's not actually RUN by Enterprise, oh no it's RUN by a competent operator who pays Enterprise for the privilege of running a business out of the property (which of course needs a lot of work doing to it). No; Enterprise, like other pubcos; doesn't actually RUN anything except a gravy train for the CEO, the board, shareholders and for servicing debt repayments. Dispensed with that knowledge, I MUST keep an eye open for Jane from now on and hope I find here when she's not answering 'customer's' questions and that she's local too. She's very slim if a bit dim.

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