Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have a sneaky feeling that Mr Luff won't need to do much persuading of fellow committee members. Got a feeling they get enough close up information from their constituents who have been made destitute through relationships with pubcos that persuasion isn't necessary. Got a feeling the inquiry has been a matter of confirmation and consolidation of resolve to force through equitable on the politicians' part.

What's needed is for the MPs agreement on what mechanism for removing the tie will work, how it can be implemented without throwing up more loopholes which will be used for continued abuse by a few toward many.

Ending the tie must be done so that the bulk of profit in the industry is hermetically sealed to the shop floor - where it can be reinvested to bring the national pub estate up to contemporary code and standards of consumer expectation while allowing the workers in the industry genuine career and training opportunities.

If this industry is to pull itself out of the disgraceful mire the pubcos have pushed it into over two decades the market HAS to be regulated in a sophisticated and mature way which ensures a more equitable distribution of the huge financial surpluses the industry still generates over all even today.

It is a shame the committee cannot recommend that punitive damages be placed on those responsible for forcing a healthy national industry into an unattended intensive care unit.

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