Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanks info man - good name by the way.

Don't know what's going on with these deletions - my posts have been fairly innocuous I think but removed quickly - even as late as midnight. I know Ewan's been out of action having a sport related injury sorted out. Maybe there's a junior editor who's terrified of leaving something up which will get William Reed into trouble.

My real email is and my mobile 07768 096 761

Got possibly final result yesterday of my long running arbitration - the stitched up twat arbitrator has kept to his original judgement on an increase of 11k back dated to Sept 2005. This means I'll be owing 40K back rent in February and liable for S&NPE's costs for three years and I'll be bankrupt - unless I can find a way to nobble the decision in the high court again - and I can't afford that. I'm all spent up.




Strange timing I just had a call from MA asking me to moderate my rhetoric – telling me they are pulling a comment I made about Orchid / Punch “Just more little over privileged boys playing with toys like all the other suited self obsessed preening power hungry nutters involved in the pub business”.

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