Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pathetic. It is not possible to adequately describe the contempt these vacuous concept bars deserve. They are designed to be short lived. They have no integrity, inventions of self satisfied suits playing with massive budgets whose only aim is to create cash from assembling whimsical ingredients like Ministry of Sound DJs, utterly pointless gratuitous venue names, centrally manufactured produce sold at knock down prices, cocktail lists devised for their ridiculous names and decor devised by clinically minded interior design consultants who supposedly have thei finger on the 'pulse'. If independents who actually understand what they are doing and care about clientele and staff were able to raise the finance to do an equivalent job they'd produce long lived businesses with value that extends beyond just producing profit at the expense of all other costs.

The pastiche this country indulges in at big corporate level is sickening. There is little authenticity, no integrity, no real human value, no real quality - just a rapacious need to make a lot of bucks as fast as possible. It's all dream topping. When the concept's worn out bin it and come up with something else that'll capture the audiences' imagination for three to five years, milk that to death and roll over another empty vessel of a concept and take the bonuses at the end of the year...

Look back and wonder: Firkins; O'Neill's; Edwards; Oh god I can't think of any more of these soulless cash dumps. Even the language the suits use to describe what they are aiming for is trite and laboured. They can't even call fish and chips fish and chips.

The reason Revolution bars are good is that by and large there's evidence of human intervention in the layout and design process.

Here's a great concept for M&B: 'Recession Beater' Buy ONE: Get ONE.

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