Friday, December 19, 2008

The logic is this: MA is being cautious in times when caution is needed. The pubcos are jumpy and litigious.

The ceos and employees of pubcos follow these threads closely - three senior execs of different pubcos have contacted me about stuff I've mentioned here - if they notice what we are posting then MA certainly has to take care that nothing untoward is being said about pubcos. pubcos have had the heat on them at the BEC inquiry, that REALLY upset them, and we're all waiting nervously for the inquiry's findings.

Some even believe there is need for further hearings because it is so evident that the first two days only scratched the surface. pubcos certainly don't want more evidence piling up about them - specifically right now while government bloodhounds are sniffing around their undergrowth - before the BEC has published what they propose to do.

pubcos succession planning has not had time to catch up with events. When you jump ship it has to be in an orderly fashion or else there will be too many casualties - unanticipated collateral damage even - and uncharted currents that might even sweep up the captains along with the crew. That wouldn't do.

No. The pubcos are jumpy and the press is nervous about being the scapegoat. So post away but keep it on other subjects, like gardening or collecting butterflies.

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