Thursday, December 11, 2008

LISTEN to the parliament live and wonder at the evidence from Ted and Giles. Then send your own evidence refuting what they say to the Inquiry. See user 4028's post above. The link to the committee meeting is here:

And here is a link (move the play bar about 80% along to the end of the programme) to the You and Yours interview with Ted Tuppen where he says he has no time for people like Paul Daly, I wonder why? Not, surely, because people like Paul Daly can prove - easily - that the tied pub system as operated by Enterprise - is a total RIP OFF!

Paul has a free of tie bar just around the corner from his Enterprise tied lease pub in London's wildly trendy Hoxton Square. Paul simply dispassionately pointed out at the last BEC Inquiry that he pays 60% more for beer at his Enterprise pub than at his freehold and that the sqft rent price of the leased pub is higher than the rent on the free of tie. He pointed out that this is not a good deal by any standards. Tuppen says people like Paul are complaining about the conditions they knowingly signed up to and implies they have no right to point this out. All Paul did in his evidence was state facts - Ted doesn't like the FACTS which prove that the Tied Tenant is Worse Off Than The Free Of Tie Tenant, to get out and comes back with a bit of indignant Yar Boo Sucks hoping to divert everyone's attention from the blatant reality - Hahahahahaha.

Come on Ted be a bit more generous with your criticism of your lessees.

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