Friday, November 28, 2008

A serious observation to be made here: BII agreed to oversee / scrutinise the pubcos in putting codes of practice into errrr, practice?

How on earth could BII or any other body be able,actually, to confirm that practices had changed across large estates of pubco properties?

By being there in the middle of it all? - at BDM meetings with lessees; at rent reviews when drawing up P&L projections for an individual tenant's property; at boardroom meetings monitoring strategy discussions; at RICS panel meetings with pubcos chatting about how to assess what real FMT is and what are the skills of the Hypothetical Tenant;

Or just by accepting the usual list of 'Nice Things We've Done In The Playground Since Last Autumn' handed to them by the pubco marketing and communications department - i.e. the BBPA.

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