Thursday, November 27, 2008

PubCos NOT ripping off tenants.

Shock news coming in from all the pubcos in Britain suggests that, after all the confusion of the last twenty years, it seems they are NOT ripping off tenants at all.

ON the contrary, it seems the tied pub industry is robust and vibrant, with tenants up and down the land spending three months of the years in hotter climes, such as the Bahamas, spending their easily won 70% over average adult full time wage, doing studious research in bars and restaurants, bringing novel concepts back to implement in their pubs in the UK.

In fact Free Trade pubs are closing left right and centre in unprecendented numbers all over the show because they have no idea what they are doing. Tied pubs, on the other hand are underpinned by the amazing support and benefit of highly trained shock troop elite force BDMs and exceptionally generous backing of wide ranging pubco beer portfolios, great pricing structures and fair rents which underpin the skills, personal investment and entrepreneurial drive of the tied lessee.

We all got it wrong for so long.

The pubcos, as one, apologise profusely for any misunderstandings there may have been about the tenant / pubco relationship over the past two decades. Far from all the rock solid evidence to the contrary, publicans up and down the UK rejoice in having taken the choice to enter the richly rewarding lifestyle of tied pubs and are happy to contribute to the CEOs' annual bonuses and to help pay for the crews of their Mediterranean yachts.

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