Saturday, November 22, 2008

Posting on Publican 22.11.08

Don't follow Graham Allman's advice to buy cheap shares. You'll lose them all in a few months when the pubcos go bottoms up. It's inbevitable just you see.

And Enterprise doing this right now at this particular time is a MASSIVE, UNBELIEVABLE blunder but then Tuppen's foot as usual is firmly in his mouth. He'll regret this casual hard nosed business decision of his very soon because he's really, finally, put way too many noses out of joint.

Tuppen and Thorley are going to get a sound whipping over their business models and soon will be held, as they absolutely ought, personally accountable for the indebtedness of their companies and their inability to service their obligations.

The CEO sized roasting trays are in warming in room 101 at the houses of parliament.

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