Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pub Co training and Rent Levels

SO. Back to your point Nigel. The PubCos are continually getting training awards and they spend a fortune on training. But in the glaringly patent absence of any form of training for me or my staff I've always assumed that PubCos get these awards because they spend a fortune on training THEIR OWN staff in state of the art ways of keeping their thousands' strong bonded-labour-work-force subjugated and dedicated to the cause of increasing performance for their shareholders, the board and the PubCo employees' remuneration. OF COURSE I AM A CYNIC. But this twist to what actually goes on is typical of their approach to all things. For "PubCo Lessee X wins national pub award" Read: "lessee worked their socks off independently of any input from PubCo and won award through sheer graft, innovation and pluck". For "Lessee X's turnover doubles after PubCo invests 300K in their business" read "Lessees rent increased by 22% forever to repay PubCo's capital investment, PubCo claims cap exp against own profits, lessee claims nothing, PubCo gets all vat back on expenditure having rentalised the total vat to the lessee's rent account. Lessee gets no income for seven weeks' closure during refurb while paying full rent to PubCo partner". Pubco and agents laughing all the way to the bar at the opening party for back-slapping trebles all round on the house before going off to sunny Spain for a holiday to keep their tan up leaving their shiny Mercs and 4X4's at Gatwick airport as the lessee gets back to pulling the pints that don't earn them enough money to pay for the beer the rent or the refurbishment. Even though it is twice as busy now and they have to work three times as hard because they can't afford the extra staff.

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