Friday, July 11, 2008

Are you a supply tied leaseholder who...

…struggles to afford the rent set by your PubCo? frightened to open the next bank statement?
... is under financial pressure?
...can't see any immediate future because beer is so expensive from your PubCo? on cash with order with your PubCo?
...loves the trade and would dearly love to stay?
...feels they can’t fight back?
...gets little, if any, support from your Business Development Manager?
...wants a fair standard of living and to be treated with respect?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions; sign up to the Fair Pint campaign. It won't spirit away all your problems but at least you will be doing something to help bring about much needed change to the pub industry.

What can be done?

All pubs are suffering but tied pubs are suffering more than most.

The Fair Pint campaign is a national coalition of pub tenants and other organisations and individuals set up to ensure fairness for UK pub tenants who suffer as a result of tied lease agreements.

• greater fairness into the calculation of rent
• freedom from the PubCo supply tie so tenants can buy beer at the best prices
• release from PubCo control over Amusement With Prices (AWP) machine income so that all the income comes to the tenant.

In 2004 the Trade & Industry Select Committee tried to put all these wrongs right. Time has shown that PubCos have ignored their recommendations and Fair Pint campaign was instrumental in bringing about the recent announcement from the new Business and Enterprise Select Committee to hold a new inquiry into the role of PubCos.

What can you do to help?
• The deadline for written evidence to the BESC Inquiry is the 30th September so if you want to give the Committee your views, please send them to: Further information on the inquiry can be found at:
• Sign up to the Fair Pint campaign at:
• Our campaign will cost money so please make a donation. Give as much as you feel able. You can easily make a contribution through the Fair Pint website at
• Write to your local MP to tell him/her just how bad things are. Further information on local lobbying on this issue can be found at

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