Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The simple bottom line issue in this entire conversation / debate revolves around the general behaviour of Pubcos towards their tenants and the results of that behaviour.

PubCos have ruined this industry through their own greed. There can be no real disagreement against this; it is plain to see. They have been allowed to do it and it is time for this to stop. And it will.

BBPA was established as a convenient, supposedly objctive, mouthpiece for the big players in the pub business. Appearing to outsiders to be representative of brewers, pubs and publicans alike but in fact publishing a status quo as envisaged by its members - none of whom are the thousands of lessees who daily are facing the front line across the bar realities of the market.

BBPA statements issued in response to the announcement that the Select Committe will reconvene to inspect the behaviour of its members and hold them to account if they cannot prove thier compliance with the 2004 recommendations can only be hollow and vaccuous because they do not have any viable evidence to support their claims that PubCos are responsible custodians of a great British cultural tradition.

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